Scalar caught me by surprise

By | September 29, 2021
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Ditto what B said, I just started using Scalar myself. The first night was restless and I tossed and turned. Woke up 3 times. (But still felt rested.)

  • The next day I just used it for a couple of hours during a nap post rifing, fine but still a little antsy.
  • Third night – deep sleep with one wakeup.
  • Fourth night – deep sleep. No wakeup.

After about a week – I started to crave it. Sleeping deeply – eight to nine hours, which is highly unusual for me. (I was formerly only sleeping up to 5 hours without waking up, and having disturbing dreams.) Fantastic energy now during the day. No dreams for a week. No need to get up and tinkle. (Sorry, TMI.) 😆

Last night I did remember a fragment of a dream, so I’m still having them, I’m just not being disturbed by them, and waking up much more rested. 😀

In addition, several thromboses (knots in veins) in my arms have now shrunk to non-painful status. They’re going away. (I’ve had them for years.) One was so large it made a blue spot, it’s invisible now, and I have to poke around to find it. (I really wish I’d taken a picture of it before, but I wasn’t expecting it to go away, so it caught me by surprise.)

Ankle edema is reduced. I used to get swelling in the left ankle after sitting at a computer all day, now I don’t.
Circulation has obviously improved.
My borderline high blood pressure is down.
Heart rate is down.
My breathing has improved.
I did get both nostrils opened up using the DH preset for sinusitis, but that has continued to open up under the scalar treatments and improve overall.

So yeah, I think I’ll keep it. It takes a couple of weeks. 😆

Edit: One downside. I do not even twitch once I fall deeply asleep, and wake up in the exact same position I fell asleep in. You have to stretch before you can get out of the bed because you WILL be stiff.


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