Scalar has improved our lives so much and our pets

By | September 29, 2021
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Been using the Scalar for a few months and would not take any amount of money for it.
It has improved our lives so much and our pets.
Been watching my ph to keep it high because of cancer. Checked it this week and it was very low. Eating right but something causes it to drop. Bought a lab-grade ph meter to stay on top of it. Found out what was dropping it.

Green citrus tea. Had a ph of 2.8
Now just drink water and it’s back to 7.0

Had to use baking soda for a few days to give it a boost.
So I thought why not use the Scalar to imprint the water. But how do you really know if this works?

So the test began.
Took two glasses of water from the same bottle. Ph was 7.0
Put a teaspoon of baking soda in one and stirred. Checked the ph and it was 8.5.
Put one 8.5 on the receiver and the 7.0 on the transmitter. Turned it on and tuned the Scalar.

Checked the ph 10 min. Later.
The glass with the 7.0 was now 8.2
Was very careful to rinse, clean the probe after every test.
This just goes me away.
Thanks Spooky2 and all that help and share.


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