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I got an improvement in memory, mood and energy level after listening to solfeggio frequencies with Spooky2 Scalar

I’ve been using solfeggio frequencies nonstop on the Spooky2 Scalar. Noticed right away got a mild headache, then noticed an improvement in memory, mood and energy level. Awesome device! I’ve been using GenX! So far I probably like the Spooky2 Scalar healing 8 Hz preset the most since it’s very balancing to do on loop… Read More »

A Healthcare Practitioner’s Perspective

I’m a doctor of oriental medicine practising in Honolulu, USA. I got the Spooky2 Scalar a few months ago with the intent to use it as a therapy for different ailments. I have had good results in lowering arterial blood pressure, cancer, anxiety, kidney function, toxicity from chemotherapy and radiation, insomnia, fatigue. All patients report… Read More »