I went from 3 hours of sleep per night to 6 hours in the first night using Spooky2 Scalar.

By | January 26, 2022
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I mentioned my Spooky2 Scalar review with my Spooky2 another equipment review, but here it is again.

The immediate result was better to sleep. I first carried out a 27min scalar biofeedback scan, then programmed a GX to transmit the kill/heal information via Spooky2 Scalar while I slept each night. Also used the second G2 generator to power a remote with my biofeedback scan results.

To make sleep even better, I put CBD oil on the receiver plate, along with a sleep-inducing frequencies programmed patch I had been previously using. With all that on the rig, I went from 3 hours sleep per night to 6 hours in the first night using the Scalar rig.

Have also had a pesky recurring weepy skin cancer on my chest scab over then lose the scab after a week to reveal pink new healed skin where the weeping problem was Amazing!

I am using the Spooky2 Scalar rig to do an accurate biofeedback scan on a friend injured in a car accident, and sending the frequencies found to them via Spooky2 remote transmission. Will also give them a Phanotron session with the same biofeedback scan frequencies next time I visit them. Spooky2 works like a supercharged radionics system. Keep up the good work.

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2 thoughts on “I went from 3 hours of sleep per night to 6 hours in the first night using Spooky2 Scalar.

  1. Richard

    Why am I not getting any results, we are running sleep apnea , sinus, insomnia . I lay in the field and I cannot even fall asleep. Please give some lead as to what might be happening.

    1. scalarreviews Post author

      Hi Richard. Before feeling something, be sure that your scalar is set up well and works well for you.

      Just like vitamin, you won’t feel much of anything after swallowing vitamin C unless you don’t wash it down with enough water. But if you’re deficient in a mineral, you may realize you’re feeling better than you had been when you stop at some point. And once you are no longer deficient, it won’t make much difference from day to day.

      Scalar is the same way. You probably won’t notice anything dramatic from the start. But gradually you might very well begin to notice the subtle improvements in the way you feel. You may feel more energized, concentrated and relaxed.

      A lot of users sleep better after lying in the scalar field for a period of time. However, it varies on the individual. You can also try to put some substances on the receiver coil on the basis of your own health conditions.

      All in all, it is quite normal for you to feel nothing when you’re in the scalar field at the beginning, but there are some quiet changes in your body all the time. And you will notice those changes over time.


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