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I went from 3 hours of sleep per night to 6 hours in the first night using Spooky2 Scalar.

I mentioned my Spooky2 Scalar review with my Spooky2 another equipment review, but here it is again. The immediate result was better to sleep. I first carried out a 27min scalar biofeedback scan, then programmed a GX to transmit the kill/heal information via Spooky2 Scalar while I slept each night. Also used the second G2… Read More »

Scalar has made a big difference in finishing my health problems.

Purchased Scalar around Nov. 6, 2021. Have several XMs and one GX, most accessories. Received unit well packed and shipped quickly. I have been battling fatigue, stiffness, skin rash, foot fungus, hip pain, you get the scenario, like a lot of people. Especially in later years health problems seem to appear one after the other.… Read More »