I have my life back after purchasing Scalar

By | November 26, 2021
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Finally! Sound sleep!
Before my purchase of the Scalar things were rough at my house. Young children that didn’t sleep through the night and had a demanding schedule kept me pushing past exhaustion. Just before my purchase of scalar my insomnia was taking over my life, even when I had a chance to lay down and rest my body was in overdrive so I never had that deep restful sleep. It got so bad that the longest I could sleep during the night was 45 to 2 hours before my body would wake me. My first night with Scalar allowed me to fall back asleep easily each time I awoke, by second night I slept the entire night. After about a week I could feel my body relaxing more and starting to allow for that deep rejuvenating sleep. The added bonus is that if I can get my kids to sit still long enough in the scalar field they also sleep longer and deeper. So grateful to Spooky2 and this technology. I have my life back!!

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2 thoughts on “I have my life back after purchasing Scalar

  1. Martijn

    That’s so great to hear, just beautiful! As you mentioned, sleep is about restoring your body and I guess good sleep makes you look younger than others. I have had serious sleeping problems during several occasions so I can relate. I’d love to have Scalar as well, but I think I’ll have to postpone the buy until later.


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