Detoxing My Family With Spooky2 Scalar

By | December 13, 2022
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Detoxing my family from the V@ccine
I have my entire family in the scalar field, using photos and also DNA when I can get it. I believe it is detoxing them from the death jab. There are multiple programs to run, from specific “Remove Graphene Oxide” to “DNA Repair” and many general healing frequencies as well. I have even put Ivermectin on the receiver coil (not constantly, but at times.) I have also used Amethyst and other crystals. This photo is what I emulated. It is Tom Paladino, who treats clients totally from photos.

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2 thoughts on “Detoxing My Family With Spooky2 Scalar

  1. Bob Urstadt

    Hi Spooky 2 staff: How would you use a photo for jab detoxifying ?
    Do you scan it somehow?
    Thanks for all you do.
    Regards, Bob Urstadt

    1. scalarreviews Post author

      Hi Bob. Spooky2 does not offer any type of remote biofeedback scan. Application of scan results can be done remotely; but to first get that data, you need to have the person physically present. This doesn’t matter if it is done via the GX or scalar biofeedback.
      If you want to use a photograph with the scalar boxes you are best off placing a real photo on the transmitter coil. This provides both the entanglement properties and puts that entanglement into the magnetic scalar field to allow biological information to be written.


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