It was the best sleep of his entire lifetime!

By | June 4, 2021
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I am writing this from my dear friend who lives in Kansas USA. He told me he is not good at writing all that much so he relayed to me what he thinks of such a device as the Spooky2 Scalar transmitter and receiver boxes. The first night he received his unit in the evening time. He read the quick instructions as how to use it for natural scalar transmissions. He ran it that night and this was back six months ago! When he awakened the rooster will still sleeping! He stated, and I quote, “It was the best sleep of his entire lifetime”! He didn’t order the 60-foot cable like I told him to do, so he did finally order it so he can place his machines 60-65 feet apart from each other.

They don’t need to be in view of one another just pointed in the general direction of the other. This Scalar he told me goes through walls and effects can not be explained using simple English meanings, without sounding like psychic, he experienced lucid dreaming it was very strong! A lot of people don’t understand such a concept we felt no particular interest to explain the specifics at this time. He does remote healing with the scalar machines by placing bottles of oil essentials for specific targeting on his parents.

He told me that, he called his Dad before helping him on the farm and he asked how they been feeling as of lately, dad told him, I don’t know for sure as to the “why’s of it all but your mother and I begin to feel better about 2 weeks ago! Dad said, he doesn’t think he needs to go through the SCENAR therapy his son would use on his knees, considering his dad is a dairy farmer and I this writer know how hard of work it can be especially cutting and bailing hay in the summer! Issh!

So, we can understand the aches and pains that came from hard farming work most of his adult life. SCENAR was the tool my friend purchased about two or so years ago. Since doing the Scalar Remote, it’s fascinating he told me that his parents have no need because they feel great! He didn’t tell them what he was doing or what he was using, he just asked a few questions on how they were feeling the past couple of weeks. My friend told me it took longer using the Scalar Remote than just sitting or being in the same area of the device in any room and still benefit from the scalar transmissions.

He only discusses this with me since he purchased the devices. I asked him about his energies because before he purchased the devices, he wasn’t really resting well enough to go into deep productive sleep. Tired in the morning and when he comes home and turnaround and helps out at the farm. He told me, just in the first night of running the machines he slept so deeply and he had huge amounts of energy to spare! He still raves about it since getting this Spooky2 Scalar six months ago. He is going to try a pain narcotic, having a few left from an accident several years back, he placed these on the machine and allowed scalar waves to replicate it and send it to through himself.

I don’t have an update yet, he has been quite busy this summer, covid is here but the milk still needs to be produced and marketed. He is also going to try it on their dairy cattle to see if anything if the cattle will produce extra milk and to clear up any infections they may have from time to time.

This writer will purchase this device, in fact, I was the one who introduced this to him about one year ago! I am in the stock market right now and I am pulling 30% returns, trading only ten stocks when the market rises and when it falls (I use ETFs to go long) when the market flips to the downside. In any event, once I hit my 80% returns in about another six or so months, I am going to purchase this no doubt in my mind. Read the testimonies they are real and it is really helpful.


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