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Seems to be working well with her energy levels!

The scalar field on its own is a good start! My 3 dogs sleep in this scalar field every night! My eldest dog is Jazzy, an 11 year old Labrador. Seems to be working well with her energy levels. Related Product:Spooky2 Scalar 

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I am treating my dogs cataracts, they are better. My sinusitis is much better. My wife shoulder pain almost dissapeared. She is back being active. She was on cortisone injections. My right hip pain gone.

I have a scalar and love it. The unit creates a scalar field. You are in the middle of it. The body cells start absorving this energy as needed and your full body starts to heal. On top of that you can infuse rife frequencies into the scalar field and target pathogens or areas that… Read More »

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Spooky2 saved my dogs life

Within 2 days of use my 17 year old mama dogs tumors shrank 40 to 50 percent. I had a vet appointment to put her down. Spooky2 just saved my dogs life. They shipped from China in only 2 days to Washington state. This company also sent 5 additional gifts with this scalar unit. Was… Read More »