Best purchase of my life

By | November 4, 2021
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After a full 15-day Terrain Protocol from my GeneratorX, my new Scalar arrived. I set it up in my bedroom with extended cable and the TX & RX boxes 6 meters apart and my bed approximately in the middle. I used pure scalar 24 hours a day and my energy level when waking, using pure scalar was remarkably higher and my sleep had better quality.

I have treated my 8-year Acalasia for Esophagitis using Rife Scalar with a 90% improvement.

The NHS missed Esophagitis during hospital tests following the trauma of a double bypass combined with Atrial fibrillation in 2013. I intend to treat several more neurological symptoms that started following the bypass. I feel a new man and am very confident of my prognosis.

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One thought on “Best purchase of my life

  1. Nancy L Greenfield

    What kind of achalasia do you have? I also have achalasia type2. A 90 % improvement would be a godsend! Along with this is an aggressive form of ovarian cancer and when the abdomen fills with cancer it makes it very hard to eat. The conventional treatment that I am on now after the debulking surgery and chemo quit working has been working but seems to not be working as well so I think they will be putting me on something else pretty soon. I am trying to decide what kits and devices I need to buy from spooky2.
    Thank You,


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