An interesting recovery story about the injured foot

By | July 22, 2021
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Here is an interesting recovery.
Last weekend I injured my foot jumping in the ocean waves at the beach. Later the same evening I could barely walk around midnight with swollen left foot.
I took one ibuprofen, applied patch on the foot from the drugstore with basic treatment, focused mental energy on healing and went to sleep in the scalar field of Spooky2 Scalar which we took with us on the vacation.
I woke up 8 hours later with no signs of any injury. We went to the hotel gym around 9 am and did a heavy workout with no issues.
We enjoyed intense sightseeing, including walking on the uneven surfaces on the island for the next two days and until today week later I have no signs of injury coming back.
Our vacation was saved and I can only say wow!


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