Thanks to Spooky2, the Metabolism of Cancer Cells Is No Longer Active

By | September 18, 2023
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I shared this message on the Spooky2 group via telegram on August 4th:

“I’m coming back to you after 3 intense months. 🙏🏽

My lover is doing better (She was diagnosed in May with breast cancer (HER2+) that had metastasised to the bone and liver, it went very quickly. )

To cut a long story short, she went to A&E in June (she’d lost a lot of weight) and, given her condition, had to have chemo quickly… (her whole body was on fire, and she had a lot of back pain, especially).

Her chemo was Taxotere with the anticoagulants Herceptin+Perjeta

In short, I bought the Spooky2 tools in 2019, so I was “ready” to accompany her (and for the last 3 years …. I have been in contact with local competent people who work in integrative medicine…) we have a good network ..🙏🏽✨

We’re experimenting with different things alongside the chemo

I have 5 generators (3XM and a GX), and Scalar suitcases ( and other things)

She did the 11-day detox before chemo (“R” + “C” ) and the generators are running as needed ( we didn’t do the Cancer Protocol, but parts of the “DB” but no BFB, that’ll come later)

– She takes Beljanski (rebuild) 4 times a month, plus a capsule that is constantly put on the Scalar case to inform the water and to accompany her naps…

– Pianto product and Breuss juice

– We are accompanied in prayer by our loved ones…

– And she continues to eat local organic food, the least processed and no sugar

– And a lot of empathetic listening (for herself too…) continues to accompany her step by step, with as little tension as possible.

Today, she walks for 1 hour a day with ease (at one point she couldn’t walk anymore because she was too weak and aching all over), has put weight back on, enjoys eating, and is in good shape 🙏🏽❤️. She’s always been in good spirits and in the mood for this journey towards recovery.

We’re doing muscle tests (kinesiology) to support her so that she’s the one making the choices for what to do next, while I support her.

She doesn’t take any medication (painkillers etc.) at home, copes well with chemo, has no/very few side effects. 🙏🏽

The biggest side effect is hair loss.

So there you have it, now it’s hard to know clearly what does what?

But the important thing is that she’s getting better and better, and in real life, we can see that it’s very positive (after 3 chemotherapy sessions).

Frankly, I’m wonderfully surprised, reassured, and confident to see her like this after 3 very complicated months… We celebrate regularly.

There’s always a dark cloud hanging over us, “What’s next”, but we don’t stay fixated on it, we remain attentive to what’s alive, to what’s real.

One evening she had a slight backache that prevented her from sleeping (sleep is important for recovery).

We have boxes of morphine (she’s never taken it, it’s her choice, she wants to listen to her body and her pain as much as possible to “feel and adjust”) and we put the morphine on the Scalar case, she lay down in it, and a few minutes later, it passed! and she slept well. She was blown away.

We’re moving forward step by step, remaining vigilant and reinforcing the Terrain, while cultivating Joy, listening to our different bodies, Cooperation and Beauty. These are our ingredients. ❤️”

and message of August 8:

“It is with great joy that we share with you the results of Friday’s PET scan!

The spots on the photo on the left correspond to the areas where the cancerous or metastatic cells were active/growing on May 17.

On the right, the metabolism of the cancer cells is no longer active, although there are still traces of the cancer cells to be cleaned up with the next chemo and everything else we do alongside ✨

Tasks in the brain, kidneys and bladder are normal.

We are really relieved, confident and motivated for what’s next. We’re celebrating all the work done and the results

We sincerely thank you for your support, thoughts, prayers and presences which are an integral part of care ✨🥰”


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