Spooky2 Scalar will help restore your nerves, spine, cells, and DNA

By | November 23, 2020
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Scalar itself will help restore the blueprint of your nerves, spine, cells, and DNA. As the body and muscoskeletal structure of your body “reboots” and settles back down, it should help greatly. It kinda of depends on how you damaged your nerves and I assume it will take some time but Scalar is awesome.
If you have the Scalar Digitizer (link below), you can do biofeedback (BFB) scans with Scalar, which is really good for the head, neck, and spine, as Scalar goes right through the bone and bone-air pockets for a deep scan. GenX BFB sessions with Contact have trouble penetrating bone and so can sometimes miss deep nerve structures. Plus, you can’t put TENS pads above the shoulders to scan the neck/occiput/skull where a lot of PN causes come from, whereas scalar does not have this limit. Better still, if your PN is viral or bacterial, the scalar scan will get them as well.
I am a big BFB scan fan and would recommend trying Scalar BFB first before Presets because the frequencies the scans will find will be so much more specific to your body and condition than what Presets can do. Do Fresh scans every 3-4 days, or try the Scalar Hunt and Kill Preset if you can sleep in the scalar field. PM me if you need more info.
As for Presets, I have been reading great comments about the “Song of the Spine” at Miscellaneous/Remote/Song of the Spine (R) – EV.
Good luck

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