Spooky2 Scalar made my friend’s daughter completely recovered from severe headaches and weakness.

By | December 25, 2020
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I have a nice story for you. Last week a medical doctor friend was concerned about her daughter that had been very severely ill with headaches and weakness for over 4 days. I had told her about the Spooky2 Scalar. She was desperate so that her daughter would avoid the hospital with all the sickness and craziness of our present times. So I asked her to come to my place.

Many years ago I had received a variety of organ and human organic delivery systems in small bottles with the appropriate frequency to match healthy organs and physical systems from Hulda Clark. The doctor arrived around 20:00 with the daughter and I was a bit surprised to observe that the daughter’s face and head looked inflamed and swollen. So I had the thought to place the brain frequency from one of the bottles on the Scalar receiver output ring. So I turned on the Scalar and she remained there for an hour. I also told her to place some pure lavender oil on the back of her neck over the alta major chakra.

And finally drink a cup of water with zeolite powder to absorb the released toxicity. Early the next morning the doctor called me to tell me her daughter was completely better. Almost a miracle (probably one). I asked her to return for an additional session that day. When I opened the door to greet them, I was amazed at how the daughter looked. I really thought it might have been another daughter so much change had taken place. Her face looked “normal” size and vibrant. It was truly the power of the Scalar field that gave her the energy boost she needed for recovery. The doctor has since referred 3 more people to me over the last week. So I thought I would share this with you and your colleagues so that you can see that the Spooky2 Team is making a valuable contribution to humanity. Thank You.

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