Never Have Had a Product Given My Health Such Huge Improvement.

By | May 25, 2022
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I bought a Spooky2 Scalar GeneratorX/GeneratorX Pro Essential Kit in the beginning, I tried to use pure scalar and biofeedback, my chronic headache and fatigue have been greatly relieved from day one until now, and my foot which was always freezing and had a bad circulation were also being changed to a better situation, I can feel the scalar wave really improve my meridian circulation as well.

I often feel depressed, but the depression is gone when I stay in the scalar field, after 1.5 months, I found the chronic depression in my mind has almost gone, it makes me happy.

I now use Spooky2 Scalar with GeneratorX Pro and Remote kit, pure scalar and molecular scalar are good enough for me, and GX for biofeedback scan and keep running the scan result remotely, it works well, never have had a product given my healthy such huge improvement.

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2 thoughts on “Never Have Had a Product Given My Health Such Huge Improvement.

  1. jeanne

    can Scalar help with fat loss off the body can it improve or regrow nerve ending loss of hearing how dose relieve fibromyalgia pain points

    1. scalarreviews Post author

      Hi Jeanne. We also recommend you use the Molecular Scalar mode or Rife Scalar mode rather than barely using pure scalar to get more benefits from the machine. For Molecular Scalar, you can put related substances (essential oils/drugs/etc.) on the receiver coil. For Rife Scalar, you can search the keywords in the Spooky2 software to find related programs about your symptoms or diseases. Hope this may help you. 🙂


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