My Wife’s Cancer is Getting Better by Using Spooky2 Scalar

By | December 28, 2020
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From what I’ve read, there are likely a few cancer cells in your urine. So, put some of it in a glass and add some vitamin C crystals. That will kill off the cancer cells. If you now put that glass on the receiver coil that info will be transferred to the cells in your body, once you put yourself into the scalar field. The vitamin C itself will also chime in to kill off the cancerous cells. I would also take vitamin C internally along with vitamin B17, graviola (soursop), apricot kernals, etc. If you have a GX and the Scalar digitizer you have even more options. If there is a local drip center you can do IV C infusions too. Good luck!

My wife is doing the IV C infusions at a local drip center. Plus doing the Scalar “hunt and kill”, B17, etc. It is tough because she does get occasional Herx reactions. I tell her that this is not bad but in fact shows that she is making progress, getting closer to being truly healthy.

She is doing good. Last night she slept like a baby, something she very rarely does. The Scalar system was running “hunt and kill” the 9 hours she was sleeping. She seems to be thriving in the scalar field. She said she had really nice dreams.


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4 thoughts on “My Wife’s Cancer is Getting Better by Using Spooky2 Scalar

  1. Barbara

    Hi, I think I have been making a mistake. I put chest fluid with vit c but on the “Input” side. Should this be on receiving g side of scalar? Also the red light should be lit up at the highest intensity and then depressed so not to be lit up when working right?
    Please advise as this could be put Italy!

    1. scalarreviews Post author

      Dear Barbara, put the substance you want to get the benefits of that on the receiver coil of Scalar. After setting up scalar, turn the tuning Adjustment knob anticlockwise until the tuning light beside the Transmitter coil is at maximum brightness. After tuning, turn on the Receiver tuning light. It will light when there is a scalar field being generated.

      1. Focus on Transmitter tuning light instead of Receiver tuning light when tuning.
      2. The Receiver tuning light only needs to be lit, not be the brightest.
      3. Turn on Receiver tuning light after having tuned Transmitter.

      Learn more from here:

  2. William

    Using Vitamin C enables the blood to carry 200% more oxygen in the blood. Oxygen kills Cancer. BUT you need Liposomal Vitamin C. Liposomal Vit C goes through the stomach and dissolves in the intestines where you get 90% of the C. Regular Vitamin C , a pill , only goes into the stomach and the digestive chemicals destroy most of it, plus you get the RUNS when you take a lot of C. Getting Vitamin C intravenously is the best way, Liposomal is the next best, regular pills are last.


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