My diabetes get helped via diet & Spooky2 Scalar together

By | July 1, 2021
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I cleared my diabetes with diet before Spooky2 Scalar existed and it worked. But changing the diet was so slow for me. And I later learned that raw fruits and good cold-pressed virgin oils were helping not only my blood glucose but also my LDL cholesterol. And once I thought I had everything under control, I got tested when I was under a lot of stress and my numbers shot up.

This is where I find the Spooky2 Scalar really helps. Nothing I’ve ever done before has made deep sleep so easy as this Scalar. When you get a lot of deep sleep, you take care of the over-stressed adrenals so your stress level drops. My conclusion from personal experience is that diet & Spooky2 Scalar together should cure most diseases including both types of diabetes.

And I add the diet because several have reported their grey hair turning dark only to return to grey when they stopped using the Scalar. I think the Scalar alone would do a lot of stress relief to help both types of diabetes, but if you don’t clean up the diet then diabetes will come back. And you can add some black cumin seed oil to your meal to help fight pathogens in the brain, liver, and pancreas that will help but is not necessary to see big improvements. So again, I’d go for the Scalar to get some deep sleep to reduce the release of stress hormones and change the diet to make better LDL cholesterol. Once this is done, the person may want to work on cleaning up the colon for better nutrient absorption.

I can’t say what may work with the Scalar. I do add a little black cumin seed oil on my fish at times. I also add a little cod liver oil to my meals for the high content of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, & K. While the Scalar may help, I always want to make sure I include diet building block nutrients to my meal. Where I think the Scalar really helps is energizing the cells to do what they need to do to use the nutrients. And I also came across that most people are deficient in Thiamine (vitamin B1), magnesium, and potassium. A tsp of cod liver oil takes care of the vitamin D that most people are deficient w/o the side effects of the synthetic vitamin D produced from black mold. These I’d consume rather than count on their freqs. Also, I’ve added Kombucha (fermented tea) to my diet to help ferment sugars in my gut and convert NADH to NAD+ as part of the Krebs cycle.


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