I Feel Much Better Sleeping in the Scalar Field and My Sleep Is Superb

By | October 3, 2022
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I bought Scalar, I’m now using Scalar for Rife and loaded all the programs into a 20hrs long program and it runs non-stop and I feel fine and in fact, no more frequencies fatigue from plasma as scalar is different.

During the night one box at my feet (60cm away) and one at my head (60cm away).
During the day the boxes are each on my side so I work from within the field.
So pretty much 24hrs a day I’m in the field.

I feel much better sleeping in the scalar field and my sleep is superb.
I recharge, and migraines go away if I happen to have one.
Also, I feel the frequencies applied through the field are for sure working.
Just wanted to hear from others, more like feedback while I’m building my experience.

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