I could feel the cooling/calming energy produced by the pure scalar field

By | February 15, 2023
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Since 2015 I have worked with practitioners who use quantum energy devices to aid in the reversal of stress-related conditions. As soon as I set up Spooky2 Scalar, I could feel the cooling/calming energy produced by the pure scalar field. It works!

For the first few days, I spent a couple of hours with pure scalar, noticing how it was improving my sleep and daily energy level. I then spent the next few days experimenting with imprinting water, using essential oils, and applying solfeggio frequencies via scalar harmony. I can confidently say that this device has many useful and effective applications.

From my experience working with other practitioners, the spooky scalar is unique in the way it generates a localized field. Most of the other devices that I’m familiar with use quantum entanglement to work with a DNA sample. Technically they use a small scalar field to treat a sample, which through quantum entanglement, lends its properties to the individual. It being immersed in the local scalar field produced by Spooky2 Scalar is something not possible with these other devices on the market. From my research, I am not aware of another device that can match what spooky scalar is capable of, especially considering scalar harmony, the use of rife frequencies applied with a generator, or biofeedback scans with the scalar digitizer. All this to say that I am very happy with my Spooky2 Scalar!

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