Have You Ever Benefited From Staying in the Scalar Field?

By | August 9, 2022
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  • I put my biofeedback results through Scalar and run it 24/7. It’s going when I’m sleeping and going when I awake in or out of the house. I’m retired so I’m in a lot. I have the other generators running 24/7 too, on Remote. I have many health issues so it helps.
  • I use Scalar with GenX Pro to do Biofeedback and use XM and GenX to run the BFB results. I lay between the Scalar machines during the scan.
  • I just love the digitizer and would not go back to using the tens pads. Digitizer is faster and more accurate according to John.

I don’t have enough place in my bedroom. So I stay 1h a day (I try to be regular) and I get improvements of my stiffy shoulder! (1/2h is not enough for my experience)

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