Great Success With Spooky2 Scalar on Breast Cancer

By | February 26, 2021
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Woman around 45 years. 2 years ago had surgery for breast cancer. Did not want chemo or radiation therapy in the hospital. Her wish was to be treated with the Spooky Plasma.

I treated her until mamma CA was no longer to be found in my EAV test. Now after 2 years on a checkup in the hospital they found another tumor at the same breast.

This time another type, hormone sensitive. She is in menopause now so her hormones were out of balance. CT scan and biopsies were not good. Grade 2.

What I did:
1st session (week 1): I took 4 CC of her morning urine (taken with her from home) and mixed it with a tablet of 1000mg Vitamin C. I do not have any chemo substances, but I found on the internet that Vit C is toxic for cancer in vitro and in vivo. Additionally, I took 3 blood samples on a strip of glass for my darkfield microscope.
2 samples were placed on the Spooky2 Scalar. 1 on the sender, 1 on the receiver. After 30 minutes I exchange positions: The treated sample on the transmitter will be the sending now, and vice versa. Session time 1 hour. I completed the session with Spooky plasma and Bicom therapy. The third sample is followed under the scope.

2nd session (week 2): Same as before but without the urine, only blood samples, curcumin, and tamoxifen.

3rd week she went to the hospital for a prescreening for her second surgery. Staff became nervous. Did n..o..t find any tumor any more. They still are planning the operation, because they don’t believe…….. Today she told me her story. We needed a hot cup of tea to come to our senses.

John and Spooky team members
Thanks again for this wonderful instrument.
I am still wondering: what the heaven did happen.


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5 thoughts on “Great Success With Spooky2 Scalar on Breast Cancer

  1. Joyce Allen

    I just purchased a Spooky2 Scalar. I am waiting for it to arrive. I have asked several questions and read other peoploe’s posts on FB. The answers seem very ambiguous to me. I’m not a clinic. I don’t have a dedicated treatment room with nothing else in it. I would probably want to set it up in my living room, fairly near computers, another person, and a cat. Neither person has a separate disease. Just some physical issues. The cat is generally healthy. We all have arthritis. I can follow the suggestions about the cable. Using it during the day seems best because if I set it up in my bedroom each lid will be within 2-3 feet of me. But the ambiguous answers I have been getting make me almost afraid to use the scalar. Not good.

    1. scalarreviews Post author

      Dear Joyce, Spooky2 Scalar is very simple to use. You just set it up at home and sit/lie in the scalar field. You can have your cat in the scalar field too. About the distance, the minimum recommended distance between the two units is 6 feet. Try to keep at least 2 feet away from the Transmitter and 1 foot away from the Receiver. When you do BFB scan, try to keep the two units close together so that the scan results are not affected by other items inadvertently entering the scalar field.

      There is theoretically no limit to the maximum distance between the two units. The further apart the two boxes are, the bigger and stronger the scalar field is. However, more items will be within the field, reducing strength. Also, a very long link cable will lose some energy.

      The scalar field is not blocked by walls. You can put the two units in different rooms to get a bigger and stronger scalar field. For best results, keep the two lids facing each other.

  2. Micky

    Abut the article
    What is The third sample is followed under the scope.
    Is it ok to take the urine with cimo inside.
    Did she sit only one hour a day in the scaler?
    Did you send somting from the remote?
    What did you send from the plasma?
    What did you send from the bicom?
    Do you have any suggestions how to clean cimoteray from the body.
    Thanks so much for your shearing and help

  3. Ela Smith

    Hello 🙂
    May I ask some questions as I am a newbie?..

    1) First session (first week): which 2 samples did tou pit in scalar in opposite sites? One side urine and the other side is blood sample?

    2) First session (first week): What is the 3rd sample you mentioned at the end of first session? Blood or urine? What do you mean by 3rd same was followed hnder the scope?

    3) Second session (second week): You said you ised only blood samples with curcumin. So you mixed blood with curcumin amd put on the both side again and exchanged after 30mins?

    Would appreciate a lot 🙏🏻


    1. Goldman

      Hi, thank for your sharing, but I have some queries about your procedure:
      In the 1st session): Do you dissolute a Vit C tablet in urine and then separate into three, then put two in the transmitter and receiver on scalar device ? What did you do the the third sample ?


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