Biofeedback Scan Has Really Helped to Improve My Energy Levels.

By | June 8, 2022
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I would strongly recommend the scalar digitizer, I use it 24/7 on my Scalar.

When I have been around people I use it on the Hunt and Kill MAX as this kills any pathogens I have picked up from other people, I run this overnight. One day I came home with a sore throat, by the 4th hunt and kill scan the sore throat had gone, and more importantly what was going to come after the sore throat was stopped from developing.

But when I’m home alone I change to hunt and kill MIN this records the frequencies that your body has the minimum response to, I believe these are the healing frequencies, since doing this my heart is pumping stronger, my breathing has improved and my lungs are stronger, and my brain fog is much improved, the first hunt and kill scan sets the frequencies that will be used, the scans that run after that are much shorter and only scan the original frequencies.

To improve the results even further, every 24 hours I turn the generators off and reset them from the preset menu, then I do the first scan again, so every 24 hours new frequencies are used, this has really helped to improve my energy levels.

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