All My Family Members Benefits From the Scalar

By | October 27, 2022
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We put the Scalar in a way that all the family is benefiting the waves. We sleep much better. My husband’s cholesterol sank down to a normal range within just 3 weeks of use!! THANK YOU!
I’m having mild headaches which are probably the result of the detox I’m experiencing. Dreams are much stronger and more vivid!!
I got all the information in regards to using the scalar from the team support!!
Thanks again

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2 thoughts on “All My Family Members Benefits From the Scalar

    1. scalarreviews Post author

      Hi Tina. Spooky2 Scalar is good enough for you. Spooky2 Scalar can offer you three healing methods: pure scalar, molecular scalar, and rife scalar. With pure scalar, you don’t need to do anything, just set it up and sit between the boxes, then the scalar energy will flow within your body. For molecular scalar, you can get the curative effect of the chemical without taking it orally by putting the substance(essential oils, drugs, and so on) on the receiver coil. Also, you can connect your Generator with Scalar to enjoy the healing power of rife frequency.

      For diabetes, here are also some testimonials from our users that may help you:


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