A Success Story in Treating My Father’s Cold

By | January 4, 2023
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Hi scalars! Happy to be here as a new scalar user! Wanted to report success in treating my father’s cold. He had a heavy cough and temperature 37-37.5. The oximeter was showing blood oxygenation at 92-94 levels. We don’t know if it was C/O/V/I/D, we didn’t do the test. I put him in the scalar field immediately, on the input coil in a glass flask I put pills: Vitamin C, D3 5000 IU, L-lysine, and B6. He was treated for a few H, and coughing was reduced. Then he felt better, got up for an H and the cough returned. Then I ran scalar on him overnight while sleeping. I used these substances at the input coil: Vitamin C, B6, D3, and melatonin and dripped a drop of DMSO with Mg Chloride. In the morning there was no more cough, temperature and oxygen levels at normal. Furthermore, I had some smaller symptoms, my sister and my brother, (coughing, runny nose) and they are all gone! So impressed!!! I didn’t even try the Rife modulating yet, I bet it’s something beyond belief! 🙏🥳💪🏼😁

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