I went from 3 hours of sleep per night to 6 hours in the first night using Spooky2 Scalar.

I mentioned my Spooky2 Scalar review with my Spooky2 another equipment review, but here it is again. The immediate result was better to sleep. I first carried out a 27min scalar biofeedback scan, then programmed a GX to transmit the kill/heal information via Spooky2 Scalar while I slept each night. Also used the second G2… Read More »

Scalar has made a big difference in finishing my health problems.

Purchased Scalar around Nov. 6, 2021. Have several XMs and one GX, most accessories. Received unit well packed and shipped quickly. I have been battling fatigue, stiffness, skin rash, foot fungus, hip pain, you get the scenario, like a lot of people. Especially in later years health problems seem to appear one after the other.… Read More »

It was important for me to see for myself the effectiveness of Spooky2 Scalar.

Last night I used the Spooky2 Scalar for the first time (only a scalar field, without frequency filling and supplementation with medicines) and immediately felt a pleasant warmth in my body. The procedure lasted 30 minutes. The state of pleasant warmth persisted for another hour. The night’s sleep was deeper and more pleasant than usual.… Read More »

We are all sleeping better and waking up with more energy and alertness after sleeping in the scalar field

My husband and I and our 4 dogs have been sleeping for about a week in the scalar field. Love it! We are all sleeping better and wake with more energy and alertness. You can also add essential oils to the Receiver, which is so cool. Perhaps try a bottle of Lavender. Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2scalar/posts/1072300470010177/